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All About Crystal

Crystal is all in to make our communities better. She is a leader in her community and known for her compassion for others. She is a mother, a Christian, proud dog mom and committed to working for the people of Northeastern Oklahoma. 

More about Crystal

Crystal grew up the girl next door in rural central Arkansas. Her family moved to Oklahoma in 2000 before settling in Wagoner County in 2008. 


Crystal graduated from OSU in 2011 with a BA in political science and was named Senior of Significance. In 2016, she graduated summa cum laude with a Master’s of Engineering in e-Governance Services and Technologies from TalTech in Estonia. Currently, Crystal works as a communication specialist at a church and a Theology student, at Phillips Theological Seminary.

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Growing up in a rural community, she knows what it’s like to come from a small town. She understands the struggles her neighbors face. Crystal knows how the government is supposed to work, and wants to see it helping the people in District 12. 

“We need to give our kids a good quality education, so they can compete in the job market of the future. We need better paying jobs in our area, so folks won’t have to struggle," Crystal said. She is ready to get to work helping our communities heal after these very difficult past couple of years.

District 12 needs someone who is not afraid to tell the truth about a situation and find solutions to make things better. There’s no time to waste on frivolous laws that will just be thrown out later. We need someone in our part of the state who cares about the things that really matter, like school funding, fixing the roads, and securing jobs for our area.

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