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Education is the key to the future of our state. If we invest in schools and improve student outcomes, we will ensure future citizens with the skills needed to manage the new economy. We must focus on STEAM education, and promote subjects like computer coding in elementary schools. Crystal knows what it is like growing up in an area that didn't win the "zip code lottery". Rural states are often overlooked by prominent universities. But, that doesn't mean there aren't quality students in these areas. We must provide more funding for students and make Eastern Oklahoma a go-to place for excellence in education.

Image by Ben Mullins
Image by Jason Goodman


District 12 is nestled in Wagoner County. It's blessed with rural and suburban communities. There is some diversity in the types of industry, but very few high tech jobs. We need to invest in bringing more technology jobs into the area. When we think about keeping our kids and grandkids close by, they need good jobs to encourage them to stay. 


When we think about roads in our District, we often wish they were better. Many places between Coweta and Broken Arrow and out to Porter and Redbird are still connected by dirt and gravel roads. How can we encourage businesses to settle in our area when we can’t give them quality roads to drive on. Like many people, Crystal also has to spend time and money on car maintenance due to bad roads. It’s time to get to work and fix them. 

Image by Lucas Miguel
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